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About us

The story of the winery begins in the sixties when Giuseppe Cortese, being the brilliant winegrower he was, with Barbaresco wine becoming increasingly popular worldwide and having overcome the difficulties of the postwar period, realized that he could do more and better: the winegrowing activity that the family has been committed to for generations could develop into an independent and family-owned business. As a matter of fact, the family lived on the top of a hill that had been giving top - quality grapes, RABAJA, for as long as he could remember! The story of Giuseppe Cortese winery is the story of a family that has been protecting and enhancing Barbaresco region and wines since 1971. The family winegrowing tradition is now carried on by Giuseppe’s children, Pier Carlo and Tiziana, and son-in-law Gabriele, who look ahead with the determination that has always been the Cortese family’s most distinguishing feature.